3 children friendly playing cards games

There are countless games out there to interest children but the charm of playing cards games remain intact till present day. Kids absolutely love seeing and even helping out their elders when they are stuck in a game of rummy or blackjack. However not all card games are appropriate for children to play because some are too complex for young minds to understand whilst others are actually not age appropriate as they involve money exchange at times. The good news is however that there are many custom laying cards game that are children friendly and can be enjoyed by children even at an early stage when they really want to play!

Children friendly card games

Out of a whole list of card games for children, there are 3 card games that are particularly designed to interest children. The intent of these games is simple – to keep children occupied without polluting young minds or stressing them out with gambling and similar stuff. This article briefly discusses all three game types.

  1. Go Fish

When we talk about favorite card playing games that are most loved by people and enjoyed the most in free time there is one game that pops right into our minds; Go fish! However strangely enough this game is also very popular amongst children and is actually one of the favorite most games of children. This game is enjoyed by children because they don’t need many people to play it so they can actually play it with their siblings or cousins on weekends or even week nights – when they are allowed to go to bed late! The rules of the game are pretty simple. One person asks the other for a card and if he/she does not have it, they tell him to go fish! By go fish it means that the person is supposed to pick from the pile of cards that lies in the center till one player is able to make the maximum pair of cards. The game only ends when any one of the player runs out if cards to play with.

  1. Spoon

Spoon is popular card game which is also known as Pigs and is played with at least minimally 3 players and maximum as many as you want. The fun thing about this game is that you can actually play it with spoons instead of cards. The fact however that is it is most fun to play with cards. This game is similar to pass the parcel as in this play the cards keep getting passed from one player to another till only one player is left in the game while all others are eliminated. This is the only way to decide on a player as a winner.

  1. Old Maid

The old maid is a traditional card game which is played with more than 2 players. The rules of the game are simple. You are only supposed to make a many pairs of the game as possible without including the queen in the rack. The player in the end with most pairs wins.

Shrink Wrap Sealers; built for all day usages

Shrink wrap Machines are very useful for manufacturers. It is used for heat shrink packaging. It includes a heat source and sealers. To close the open ends of shrink film while heat source is used to apply the heat on the film so that it will shrink down to wrap against the product. Lower level output operations are most of the time use a heat gun as aheat source.

Types of Shrink Wrap Sealers

  • I-Bar sealers
  • L-Bar sealers
  • Hand Impulse Sealers
  • Foot sealers

These all shrink wrap sealers built to cover all the daily needs and best for daily usage.

I-Bar sealers:

They are very good choice for all kind of businesses. I bar sealers are very good option for the business that is fresh start up or medium sized business. Although it is good for low, medium and high output operations. It has one sealing bar that has come down for sealing and cutting on shrink film. Temperature can be set and adjusted according to sealing heat. I-bar sealer is used with shrink bags, shrink tubing, and centerfold shrink wrap. It is recommended that I-bar sealers should be used with centerfold shrink wrap. One or two ends open are the core requirements of Shrink tubing and shrink bags. Shrink film is the best choice to use with I-Bar sealers. In this, you should bring the product to the sealing bar.

Portable I-Bar Sealer:

This is a great choice for output operations at a medium level. It can be used with shrink bags, shrink tubing, and centerfold shrink wraps. It is called portable because it has a detachable sealing bar. The reason is because of the detachable sealing bar.  With the help of portable I-bar sealer, sealer bar is brought near to the product that is going to be sealed. This is the most effective way of sealing all kind of shrink films.


L-bar Shrink Wrap Sealers:

These sealers are considered as ideal for centerfold shrink wrap machine. A variety of products can be wrapped at high output operations with the help of centerfold shrink wrap. L-Bar sealers have aseal and cut sides and it is designed in such a way that it shrink wrap in one motion. L-bar sealers work with shrink tubing and shrink bags. But it is precisely designed for centerfold shrink wrap.

This sealer has offered many different specifications like workspace, sealing width, adjusting ability of film dispenser, film discharge conveyor and a perforated hole punch.


Hand impulse sealer:

For low shrink wrap output operations, hand impulse shrink sealer is best. For specialized seals and professional look to a product, impulse sealer is an affordable choice. There are two varieties of hand impulse sealer on market:

  • Round wire- good for sealing and cutting in one motion.
  • Flat wire – best for sealing and tubing the poly bags.

Foot sealers:

For more efficiency, foot sealers are used. They are used to manufacture bag sealing. Pedal which is operated by foot makes the seal of different packaging bags speedily. Each foot sealer come in the adjustable work table, adjustable pedal, and heavy dust stand. Foot sealers work well when they are used with heat guns or shrink tunnels.

Two bags used for foot sealers are:

  • Shrink bags
  • Polyethylene bags.

Top 5 Richest People in Morocco


Morocco’s economy is controlled by the law of supply and demand and is generally liberal. The country is a prime player in economic affairs in Africa. Tourism is a standout amongst the most essential segments in Moroccan economy. The nation has likewise seen various Hollywood films set in the country lately including the Sex and the City and Disney’s Prince of Persia.

These are the wealthiest individuals in Morocco by 2015, as indicated by Forbes magazine.

1) Othman Benjelloun – $2.8 Bllion

Othman Benjelloun has business in the fields of insurance, banking and telecom in Morocco through his holding organization, FinanceCom. He is the Chief Executive Officer of BMCE Bank, one of the nation’s biggest banks which are operating in 20 African nations. Its overseas operations contribute more than 40% of the bank’s net wage.

Prior in the year 2014, Benjelloun declared its intention to construct a rocket-formed tower more than 30 stories high as BMCE’s new base camp that will loom over Casablanca. FinanceCom likewise runs money management firm FinanceCom Asset Management based in Paris which has personal stakes in organizations in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Morocco, and Ghana, among others.

2) King Mohammed VI – $2.1 Billion

In July 2014, Morocco’s very own King Mohammed VI commemorated his fifteenth year on the position of royalty. He acquired an valued 40% stake in SocieteNationaled’Investissement (SNI); an extensive, a previous state-owned Moroccan investment organization that has controlling stakes in the nation’s biggest bank – Attijariwafa, proucer of sugar – Cosumar, mining organization – Managem Group, dairy firm – CentraleLaitiere and different resources from his dad; the late King Hassan II. A few of these organizations are traded in public.

3) Aziz Akhannouch – $1.8 Billion

Aziz Akhannouchowns the lion share of the Akwa Group, a multibillion-dollar Moroccan conglomerate with personal stakes in gas, chemicals and petroleum, through its publicly traded companiesAfriquia Gas and Maghreb Oxygene. He is additionally into real estate, media, and hotels. Akwa Group was established by Akhannouch’s dad. While in the public service as Morocco’s Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, he gave the management of the business to Ahmed Wakrim’s child – Ali Wakrim. His significant other, Salwa Idrissi, runs her own organization, which creates shopping centers. Her organization additionally holds the Moroccan franchises for fashion companies likeZara,Gap, and Galeries Lafayette, among other design brands.


 4) MiloudChaabi – $1.3 Billion

MiloudChaabi’sYnna Holdings are consumer goods and real estate. It holds premiums in grocery stores, hotels and real estate, and owns the lion share of SNEP, a manufacturer of chemicals in Morocco. Based on the Moroccan pressin 2014, bits of gossip started to surface that Ynna was confronting money difficulties, inciting Chaabi’s child – Omar to deny that the company was hard hit by a fall of real estate market, because of its diversified investment. (He however hasn’t reacted to Forbes’ questions on the same matter). As if agreeing with the rumor, Chaabi’s total assets went down comparable to a year ago because of lower multiples for comparable publicly traded organizations. In a talk with JeuneAfrique in July, Omar didn’t unveil income figures, yet shared his dad’s enthusiasm for super sports cars; Maseratisand Ferrari. Miloud is likewise stated to gather artworks by Moroccan artisans and he is additionally an avid golf player.

5) Anas Sefrioui – $1.1 Billion

Anas Sefrioui, head of GroupeAddoha, a publicly traded homebuilder, have cordial association with the Government, winning government contracts to develop minimal costhousing in Morocco. Be that as it may, government reductions have as of late harmed GroupeAddoha. In 2013, net profit dropped 11% to $189 million. The organization declared in March it would purchase back stock to fight the drop, yet shares fell still. While trying to expand his business and recoup from his losses, Addoha is accelerating extension all over Africa. In the previous year alone, the organization reported its idea to fabricate a concrete industrial facility and low income lodging in Ghana, Mali, and Chad.

Top 15 benefits of instagram that will work for you

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There are many benefits of social media and everyone is aware about the social sites that are available on internet. People can easily approach the social websites and enjoy many features that are offered by the social platform. When a visual content is shared on any social platform it becomes very popular and then reaches million of people in less time. Brands that want to create leverage and popularity in less time they make accounts on social platform capture huge corms in order to attract more people and capture huge customers. Like other social platforms instagram is very popular for the features it is offering to the people. instagram is also known to be one of the most popular social network that involves millions of people from around the world. Advantages of instagram are enormous like other social platforms. People who want to buy real instagram followers they must take care of many things in order to keep their accounts safe. One common advantage associated with instagram is expansion of more and more business that involves both small and big enterprises. This is because instagram provides opportunity to brands to visually interact with people and promote their products on social platforms.

buy instagram followers

Enabling leverage

For business firms social platforms play significant roles and they help them in increasing their customer base by targeting more customers in less time. Any platform other than social media takes more time in targeting customers and this will waste their time. Businesses want to achieve growth and result in less time and social platform is the best place for this purpose. Instagram is famous as it involves at least 150 million users from around the world and this is the only platform that is used most commonly by people for photo sharing. One feature of instagram is that whenever a photo is shared on instagram it reaches thousands of people in less time and in this way a message of the firm will reach many people in less time.

Increased engagement

Almost all people are aware about instagram and have made their accounts there. So when a photo of a particular brand or product is released on instagram more people will see that product and they will b inclined to buy that product. In this way people will be fascinated to buy that product and giving return to the business firm. Many companies buy instagram followers in order to spread their message to majority of population. By having more number of followers there are more chances that the business will get increased sales form more people following them. When majority of people are following a particular brand on instagram the people that are added on their accounts will also get the companies message and in this way the product will be promoted to other people as well.

Time saving and Cost Effective

One benefit of instagram is that it allows businesses to save their time and target customers effectively in less time. When they target customers on social platform they don’t have to give much time as they do in case of media advertising that involves preparation of long strategies in order to capture more customers. When brands buy real instagram followers this also saves their time as they don’t have to wait for people to follow them.